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Welcome to Exceptional Dental Courses For Dentistry & Orthodontic Professionals.
face view before procedures: correct headaches, migranes, sleep apnea, bruxing and tmj problems face view after procedures: correct migranes, headaches, sleep apnea, bruxing and tmj problems correct sleep apnea, headaches, migranes, bruxing and tmj problems teeth after procedures: correct headaches, migranes, sleep apnea, bruxing and tmj problems
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Are you sick of going to Dental Courses that teach the same old thing and don't WOW you? The Exceptional Dental Course Series is different. It is designed for the Serious Dentist. See what others say-

"The Advanced techniques taught by Dr. McArthur & Dr. Walker add to, and go well beyond all other advanced courses out there. Their approach is not just thorough and innovative, but also astounding in the results that can be obtained by implementing these techniques!"

-W. Bruce Houghton, DMD, FAGD
  Nashua, NH

"The most enlightening weekend ever...! "

-Dr X. USA (LVI Instructor who can't be named..)

The "Exceptional Dental" course series was developed for the serious dentist:

  • Are you looking for a course that will improve your results on your Dental Orthopaedic cases?
  • Are you interested in learning to create beautiful aesthetic smiles that will last?
  • Are you ready to raise your skills in the field of Functional Cosmetic and Orthopaedic dentistry?
  • Do you want to learn to create beautiful aesthetic finishes, symmetrical faces, perfect smile lines and proper axial inclinations in even your most difficult cosmetic cases?

Then this is the course series for you!!

The content is designed for both beginners in the field of Cranial-Dental Orthopaedics, as well as seasoned practitioners of Neuromuscular Dentistry. You do not need to have done NM Dentistry to attend these courses, and yet those dentists who have, will find these Exceptional Dental courses to be full of new and useful information.

These courses are intended for dentists who would like to learn how to establish both structural and neurological stability in their finished cases. This course series is very "hands on" and therefore attendance is strictly limited in numbers and venues, so register quickly for the life changing Exceptional Dental course series.

cosmetic dentistry results in functional esthetics and beautiful smiles cosmetic dentistry creates beautiful smiles with functional esthetics teeth view before treatment: to create beautiful smiles with functional esthetics teeth view after treatment: use cosmetic dentistry to create beautiful smiles and functional esthetics
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What others are saying about the courses:

I've learnt more from these two in the last two hours of this course than I have previously in over 1000 hours of continued ed!!

Save time Just Do these Exceptional Dental courses, you'll never look back ... It'll change your life...

-Dr Heidi Sauer

Bob and Kaye's courses are a must! In addition to teaching the "why", the sequential construct of evaluation and treatment are uncomplicated and I could not imagine one doing complex cosmetic, or pain cases without this information. They walked through and showed us why and how to easily measure, record, and analyze the many facets required for comprehensive treatment that provide predictable results.

-Mr Todd Shewman

I cannot recomend Exceptional Dental Courses more highly. Bob andKaye just get it, plain and simple! They're so far ahead of what else is being bantered about, it's nothing less than "awakening". They teach the entire "systems" approach to occlusion, with all its interwoven connections beautifully. From posture to biochemistry, from biomechanics (diagnosing skeletal/cranial distortions) to bioenergetics\85 

As a growing number of disciplines realize the importance of talking about posture and cranial, I have yet to hear ANYONE teach its influence throughout the kinematic chain, and its effects on the Central Nervous System including the Autonomics, and the constant "pull" for available resources. The Aesthetic and Functional results in Kayes cases are nothing short of Amazing. I can genuinely say, their courses are truly Exceptional! Just Go!!

-Dr Eric Schikowski DDS

I've been studying NM dentistry for 8 years now. I've spent a lot of time with most of the big names in the field. Exceptional Dental Material is certainly the most comprehensive approach to occlusion that I have encountered. They filled in the missing pieces that I had searched so hard to find. This material has shown me how to deal successfully with perplexing problems I kept running into like how to resolve pops and clicks, how to level the maxilla, what kind of bite registration to use for each situation, how to resolve postural issues. I totally endorse Dr. Bob Walker and Dr. Kaye McArthur's approach to occlusion for every serious NM student out there today.

-Dr Nelson Clements

Thank you very much for confirming "It is not all about the teeth". Your approach to total body health and Cranial Balance is the escence of excellent atient care. So many of our difficult ,complex cases can be managed with your techniques in ways I have never considered. Thanks for being an eyeopener for me. Your knowledge of dentistry, orthopedics and patient management make your courses a must for the comprehensive practitioner. Thank you!

-Dr Charles Hoopingarner

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