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Exceptional Dental Courses presents:
"A Functional Approach to Sleep and Breathing Disorders"

With the growing interest in Dentistry on treating Sleep and Breathing Disorders, and the recognition of their importance to overall health, don't you think it's time you look at this topic from a broader perspective?

This new course is designed to build on what you already know, and then learn to diagnose and treat these disorders from a "Functional" viewpoint. What others are saying about this course:

"This course connects so many dots it will make your head spin. If you truly want to treat sleep and not just the symptoms of sleep disordered breathing, this course is a must!"

"I'm taking it again, as I know I will learn even more, as Dr Walker has updated the material and integrated even more with what they have found with recent developments and knowledge of the rest of the body."

Craig Young DDS
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I would say that this sleep course presents the Physiology of Sleep in an easy to understand format. What I particularly liked was learning the true causes of Sleep Disturbances like OSA and CSA."

"Dr. Bob Walker always gives great insight to solving Health Issues. Better than anyone else I know."

Michael Bell DDS
Las Vegas, NV USA

What you will be introduced to and learn:

  • Understand what "Sleep" is really all about.
  • Learn to read Sleep Studies from a "Functional" viewpoint!
  • What does the AHI really mean?
  • What do the rest of those terms really mean?
  • In addition to Dental Appliances and CPAP, what else can you do??

  • What else is involved in "Obstructive Sleep Apnea" - OSA?
  • How to address Inflamed Tonsils without Surgery!
  • Really understand and address Allergies and the Immune system!
  • What does "Central Apnea" really mean?
  • What does "Hypopnea" really mean?
  • And how can you effectively address these issues?

  • What is a "Desaturation"? And why do they really occur?
  • How does the pH buffering system affect Sleep and Desaturations?
  • What additional information can you get from a Pulse Oximeter?
  • What Nutritionals will benefit your patients, and when?
  • What is really going on with Sleep Stage Disturbances?
  • Understand the purpose of the various "Sleep Stages".
  • Which Transmitters are involved? Why? When?
  • How do Hormones affect Sleep?
  • How do Liver Function and Toxic Loads affect Sleep?
  • Learn how to quickly support and improve these Sleep Stages.
  • Learn to support the "Body Biological Clocks" and support "Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders" - CRSD's

Are you ready to take your Dental Sleep practice to the next level?

When: Aug 2-3, 2019 Where: Las Vegas, NV USA

Course Investment:
$2495 USD Early Registration; until May 15th, $1995 USD